About Us

At Fine Art Blockchain, our mission is to open the door to fine art ownership for everyone. We use innovative blockchain technology to tokenize high profile artworks from our collection and enable art collectors to purchase digital shares with Gallery Tokens.

Together our team draws on a wealth of experience from a wide range of fields, including Fine Arts, Economics, Computer Science, and Marketing. We are also in the process of partnering with leaders of blockchain technology for issuance, management, and compliance support.
  • Min Ho Lee
    General Manager
  • Seung Moon Ryu
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Eun Sig Kim
    Deputy Manager
  • Mark Roszak
    Legal Counsel
  • Daniel Kukla
    Art Purchasing & Strategy
  • David Davis
    Art Market & Trade
  • Michelle Tang
    Business Development
  • Elbert Choi
    Project Manager / Product Designer
  • ABCoin
    General Partner
    ABCoin identifies the reality of shared and transparent economics in a block-chain system and builds a self-learning AI base for the FineArt Blockchain operation. ABCoin aims to build a platform in which artwork can be digitized and distributed among its users securely and with transparency.
  • TokenSoft
    Primary Issuance
    TokenSoft provides blockchain-enabled compliance infrastructure for issuers seeking to offer equity, debt or derivatives. The TokenSoft platform enables issuers, financial institutions, broker-dealers, real estate companies and funds to meet their compliance requirements at issuance, distribution and transfer.