What is Fine Art Blockchain?
Fine Art Blockchain is an investment platform that utilizes blockchain technology to tokenize and distribute ownership of high profile artworks on our platform.

What are Gallery Tokens?
Fine Art Blockchain's Gallery Token is an asset-backed digital currency that enable investors to purchase digital shares of artworks on the Fine Art Blockchain platform.

How I can take part in the crowdsale offering of Gallery Tokens?
Note: We are currently in the pre-ICO stages. We will make an official announcement regarding the crowdsale offering.

Gallery Tokens can be purchased with ETH, BTC and other forms of digital currency through our sales portal, up until the close of the crowd-sale or the reaching of the hard cap target. For additional information on Gallery Token, click here.

Which countries may participate in the Gallery Token offering?
Citizens of all countries may participate with the exception of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran, Sudan and Syria.

Will Gallery Tokens and other assets be tradable on mainstream exchanges?
All digital assets created by Fine Art Blockchain will be compliant with Stella and other mainstream standards where possible, and can thus be traded on secondary exchanges. We are in the process of reaching out to several exchanges to ensure liquidity on secondary markets is available before the launch of the exchange platform.