Gallery Token
Fine Art Blockchain's Gallery Token is an asset-backed digital currency that enable investors to purchase digital shares of artworks on the Fine Art Blockchain platform.
Gallery Token (GalCoin)
In 2017, the ICO market exploded and grew 100x from Q1 to Q4 as venture capitalists rushed to fund development of a multitude of blockchain-based platforms that aimed at solving real-world problems with decentralization and blockchain's rapid-fast and secure capabilities. Most of the tokens issued through these ICO's are called utility tokens. Utility tokens do not hold any intrinsic value, but rather provide its investors a gateway to a product and/or service. The valuation of utility tokens is currently very subjective or driven purely by speculative market forces.

There is a new type of token that is gaining popularity and it's called ABT or asset-backed token. An asset-backed token is a blockchain token that is connected to a tangible or digital asset that has economic value. This means asset-backed tokens can offer secure, rapid, and minimal trading cost of traditional assets via blockchain technology, and increase liquidity for traditional securities.

Fine Art Blockchain will be utilizing the asset-backed token to tokenize and distribute ownership of blue-chip artworks.

How to Purchase Gallery Tokens

Note: We are currently in the pre-ICO stages. We will make an official announcement regarding the crowdsale offering.

Gallery Token assets can be purchased with ETH, BTC and other forms of digital currency through our sales portal, up until the close of the crowd-sale or the reaching of the hard cap target.

For our visual guide on acquiring Gallery Tokens, click here
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Investor Verification
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All purchasers residing in the US will need to meet SEC accredited investor requirements. Depending on which type of accredited investor you are and the verification method chosen, you will be asked to submit different documents.

For Non-US residents (1 min)
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Once you've selected 'Next,' review the final payment details carefully, and enter your name exactly how you did for the KYC/AML check. This will form a legal bind between you and the purchase agreement.
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(ETH = 1 min, BTC = 1 min, USD wire = 1-2 business days )
Payment Complete
Once your payment is seen on the blockchain, you will instantly receive a receipt with your payment details and the signed agreement by both you and the issuer of the token.
  • ABCoin
    General Partner
    ABCoin identifies the reality of shared and transparent economics in a block-chain system and builds a self-learning AI base for the FineArt Blockchain operation. ABCoin aims to build a platform in which artwork can be digitized and distributed among its users securely and with transparency.
  • TokenSoft
    Primary Issuance
    TokenSoft provides blockchain-enabled compliance infrastructure for issuers seeking to offer equity, debt or derivatives. The TokenSoft platform enables issuers, financial institutions, broker-dealers, real estate companies and funds to meet their compliance requirements at issuance, distribution and transfer.